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Any Real Estate Agent can list MY house.. or write MY contract…

This post takes off on a theme introduced here. It is also the final planned post in the Misconception series.

It doesn’t matter if the agent is from Valdosta…

I commonly hear this one when

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Super Bowl Chauffeur update #3

Well first, I am sorry for the delay in getting this blog out to you.

Second, this will be a quick update as I am finding that although I have a lot of spare time as a chauffeur, it is not always easy to find a “hot spot” for blogging with the location restrictions I have in order to do my job.

I will be writing a detailed blog on what I have learned about this job.  It is not a matter of the do’s and don’ts that I will be discussing.  It will be more about my thoughts, feelings and observations from the front seat of a Lincoln Towncar.  I can only say at this time that I have really enjoyed this experience.

The hours are beyond description.  My day begins at 5:30 AM when I try to catch as many quick emails as I can.  Phone calls during the day are a much easier task, although when I am with a client the phone is OFF.

The last activity of the day is the washing of the only white, long sleeve shirt I own.  The first activity in the morning is to throw it in the dryer and to iron it.  I have been getting home between 11:00 PM and 12:30 AM.  I go straight to bed following the washing machine drop.

After the dryer action, it is time to shine the shoes.  Next is collecting items I wish I had with me the day before such as some hand towels to dry or buff parts of the car for a cleaner experience for my clients.

Now for a couple of quick updates that I am behind.  Wednesday night I had two clients.  Both were delivered to the Don Cesar Hotel in St. Pete.  Neither knew anything about where they were staying.  Someone else did their bookings and that was all they knew.  They were very pleased when I told them about the hotel and in particular, when I pointed out the hotel in the distance as we crossed the causeway.

My first client was a marketing exec with large beverage company and the second client was a pro NFL player with the Dallas Cowboys.

Yesterday, I hit the mother load and will have this assignment through Monday.

I will have to tease you a little with this blog because I don’t have time to do this subject justice.

But, I have been assigned as the dedicated driver for one of the owners wife of one of the NFL teams.  This is a jack pot assignment.  An unbelievable experience!

I have so much to share with you. I will report the complete day in a following blog.  But for short reference, I picked her up at 10:30 AM and my job was to take her to whereever she wanted to go, return her to the hotel and repeat that activity until she released me at 12:30 AM last night (or this morning.)

My next blog will be more of a “day in the life” of a very rich lady at Super Bowl.  I think you will be somewhat surprised.

Rick Frissell ~ 813-340-6828  Cell

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The World Arrives in Tampa Florida for the Super Bowl

The World cruiseship arrives in the Port of Tampa Florida as part of the Super Bowl XLIII week long festivities. This exclusive cruiseship has opulent suites for rent during Super Bowl week in Tampa for mega bucks and also houses suite owners along for the ride.

For you “average Joe’s” out there, The World cruiseship is a floating residential community owned by its residents (condos). The residents, currently from 40 different countries, live on board as the ship slowly circumnavigates the globe — staying in most ports from 2 to 5 days. Some residents live onboard full time while others visit their floating home periodically throughout the year.

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Day 2 of the Super Bowl Chauffeur

I guess I mentioned that everything was a little unorganized during the Training Day.  Well it spilled over to me.

At the training class we were told we needed a long sleeve white shirt.  I don’t own a long sleeve white shirt.  I prefer light blue for my dress shirts. So I run to the local department store to buy a shirt, five minutes before closing.

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So where does the housing market go from here?

I have been reading, hearing and living the real estate market collapse for the past two years and to be totally honest I am sick of it. Did the housing market need a correction? Yes, it did. Do we need to tighten lending standards and make the process more efficient and loan only to those person who are able to “really” qualify for a mortgage? Without a doubt.

However, in the past couple of months, more and more reports are surfacing that the banks that were bailed out of the mortgage mess are hoarding the Fedreal Bailout money they received and are severely tightening the money they loan if they do at all. Personally I am tired of it. The bailout as it was proposed was an overall good idea I think but what has happened is ridiculous. No oversight has taken place and this $ has gone to bonuses, “rainy day” funds and into the coffers of those that really do not need it.

There are so many families I know that are looking to sell or buy homes and they cannot becuase of this crisis and they are not at fault but caught in this web of poor lending practices and the repercussions.

Get moving banks and start lending money. If you do that the media will start to focus on something else and allow the market to correct so we can get this economy moving forward again.

Got that off my chest. Now I need to go….

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