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Looking for gas?

Yep… we still have a problem around Lilburn and Gwinnett County finding gas. In fact, the whole Atlanta area is facing the problem. I have been searching for ways to find gas for my readers. I have found a couple of ways to keep up to date on where there is gas…

The first way is Wright Express… Here is a link… Take a look at the right side, and you can see the date of the transaction. While I can’t say for sure, it would seem that those with VERY recent transactions have gas. You can also see the price. This is also a good one to keep in mind later when looking for the best price nearby.

Another option is to use Twitter Search… Here is a link… This isn’t well organized, but folks all over town are reporting what they see and marking it with a hashtag to make the search easier. #atlgas is the hashtag to look for.

Don’t run out. Don’t freak out…

That is all…


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Is Credit in Gwinnett Available? Yes and No

Should you be worried about the failure of the “bailout bill” ?  Does it make you think that it may be harder to obtain that home, auto or electronic store loan? Yes, folks it should but we are all going to be just fine. The credit crisis has caused banks to define strict lending standards which means it will be harder for you and I to get the credit we need. That doesn’t mean however that it is impossible to borrow money.

If you’re somebody with excellent credit, you’re in a good position to borrow money.

What we need to do though is be smart to find the money you need at a price that works to your benefit. Here is the real deal: standards are back. Lenders are not going to lend $ to people who can’t prove they can comfortably pay it back.

So what should you do if you are looking to get a home or auto loan?

1. Make sure your credit report is clean, free of errors and your credit score—as measured by Fair Isaac Corp.—is at least 720. Want a free credit report, simply got to and your credit score (for $16) at
2. What if your score is below the 720 watermark or there are errors on the report? Well, start fixing them before you start looking for that new home or pay a visit to the local car dealership. Pay down credit-card balances and make sure you pay your bills on time.

3. Search hard for the loan that fits your needs. Even with interest rates that have moved up slightly during the recent tumultuous weeks in the market, today’s rates may seem low compared to what they will look like in the future, once the economy recovers, while the government continues to borrow trillions of dollars to cover its own expenses. Home loans are still hovering at around the 6% interest rate mark, which is down over half a point from just a few months ago.

The big bailout, which in my opinion will ultimately pass more than likely won’t prevent recession, which many economists feel we are already in, but a new loan makes a lot of sense for someone seeking to refinance a bad loan, buy their first house at a nice price they’ve been planning on for a while.

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Gwinnett Gas Shortage Hits Home

Anyone that lives in Gwinnett County has seen, heard or has had to deal with the recent gas shortage we have experienced over the past four weeks and I am tired of it. Since this all started I have reassured my wife that there will be gas and that there is no need to fill up our gas tank whenever we see a station that actually has gas.

Well, maybe I was wrong. Yesterday I needed to drive to a meet with a client who is going to be selling their home and I left my office with a little more than 70 miles in the tank. I figured I would l find somewhere to fill up and have no issues. Well, I was wrong. All the way down to the appt. which is about 45 miles from my office there were no gas stations pumping anything but air out of the tanks.

Get the math issue above (70 miles in the tank, 45 miles one way = 0 gas).

As I was searching for a gas station that had gas I got to thinking about the last time we as a Country had a situation like this. Back in 1973, and living in Fairfield Connecticut, we had a similar issue. Gas prices shot up from $.38.5 to $.55.1 cents per gallon. I remember this vividly because my friends and I would buy as many morning newspapers as we could and walk up and down the line of cars waiting for gas and sell our newspapers.

The following excerpt is taken from our friends at Wikipedia:

Thankfully, my gas gauge was kind to me and I pulled into my home with 4 miles left in the tank.  This morning, the gas station up the street did have gas and my wife called me to let me know about it. After putting in 15 gallons at $3.97 each I was miffed. What is going on that a year or so ago we were paying around $2.50 per gallon and now we are paying $4.00 and having to “search” for gas.

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Tampa Florida: A Huge Fur Ball Is Coming

  Big Cat Rescue Fund Raiser 


     Wine King by Will Bullas

Preparations for the 2008 Fur Ball, hosted by Fox 13’s Cynthia Smoot, are under way! Details are below and more will be added as they are confirmed. The bottom half of this page contains information from the 2007 ball that is indicative of what you can expect this year.


 To see Trips & Prizes, Auction Items and Last Year’s Comments go to:

As in the past, the ball will be primarily a fun party with the brief podium time focused on details of the rescue of “Joseph’s Pride” and of “Hope”, our most recent orphaned Florida bobcat rescue. To see in video the progress of little Hope as we go from having her nurse on a cooperative lactating domestic cat to eventually teaching her to hunt to prepare for her release, visit Hope online at and tune in frequently to follow her progress.

PURCHASE TICKETS: To purchase individual tickets ($150 each) go HERE or to purchase a table for ten with priority seating ($1500) go HERE

DATE & TIME: Friday, October 10, 2008 6:30PM to Midnight

LOCATION: The fabulous A La Carte Event Pavilion at 4050 Dana Shores Dr. Tampa, FL 33634 off Memorial Highway by Rocky Point Golf Course.  For detailed directions and information click here



ATTIRE: We call the unique fur Ball attire “Safari Costume Formal”. You can come in traditional formal attire, come in safari, cat print or jungle orientation costume, or any mix in between, such as part formal with cat print accessorizing.  Be creative and have fun with it! Prizes will be awarded! Use your imagination – get wild!   For examples from the past visit


This is an awesome cause, let’s get behind it.  Remember to visit the Big Cat Rescue for a tour. Click here for details and times.

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A Piece of Gwinnett History is Gone

Photo from Gwinnett Daily Post

Photo from Gwinnett Daily Post

Bartow Jenkins, the beloved teacher, coach and long-time mayor of Lawrenceville, died at age 81 early yesterday morning.  “Coach” Jenkins has been a fixture in Lawrenceville and Gwinnett county since the mid-50’s.  Serving as a teacher in Lawrenceville from 1954 to 1974, then as the first football coach and the creator of the driver’s education program at Central Gwinnett High School.  Virtually anyone who grow up in Lawrenceville has memories of “Coach” Jenkins, including Lawrenceville’s current Mayor Rex Millsaps, who was a student of “Coach” Jenkins.

In addition to his service to the young people of Lawrenceville and Gwinnett county, he helped to shape the future of the city and county with

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